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Month: July, 2016

Remedial Education: Progress Report

I am continuing the process of getting my mind back together after finding that my blood sugars were dangerously high. During that time, my efforts at Remedial Education had been put on hold, though I had attempted, in my way, to continue with them regardless of my ability to do so.

Now that my fasting blood sugars are starting to get down to the acceptable range (90 to 110 mg/dl), I’ve been consolidating what gains I have been able to make. This is what I’ve been able to do: Read the rest of this entry »


No, that’s not sex after the Zombie Apocalypse… That’s my new hobby.

I suppose that I should explain myself, before I get dragged off to the local Home for the Bewildered. It was my habit to say that I was a little to the right of Attila the Hun, but recent events have shown that the whole political landscape has changed on me. Warmongering Republicans? I haven’t seen that since the days of Richard Milhouse Freakin’ Nixon. And neo-conservatives? They look and sound like constipated Stalinists to me. And the whole raft of candidates from the Konservative Klown Konspiracy, and how by Darwinian selection they have reduced themselves to the Kurrent Klown-in-Chief?

The whole mess had gotten to the point where I even changed my party affiliation from Pub to Dem, and voted for Bernie. Much good that did me. The First Felon rigged the Dem nomination fair and square. So it looks as though I can vote for the incompetent of my choice. Let’s see, I can vote for the Blowhard, who has absolutely no political experience, or for the First Felon, who has beaucoup experience, but whose policy decisions as S-o-S have led to the complete destabilization of the Mid-East, and have brought us to the brink of WWIII, with the players shaping up to be Turkey-NATO-U.S. on one side, and Syria-Russia-China on the other.

What’s a curmudgeon to do? Read the rest of this entry »

Back again…

It seems that I’ve been away too long from this silly weblog. The reason why is that I have been rather ill of late. You know, things like uncontrolled diabetes, neuropathy involving numbness of the soles of the feet, a pain like someone has driven a ten penny nail into the sole of my right heel, blurred vision, and an inability to think clearly or for long. Oh, and staying in bed the entire day, too numbed with grief over the loss of my wife, Beth, to do much of anything except drink. Little stuff like that. Read the rest of this entry »