Random Conjectures

"Act locally; bitch globally."

Month: September, 2016

Some musings on the National Anthem

What with the fact that even a hermit like me, without newspapers, television, or cable, and with the radio permanently stuck on the local classical station, KUSC, has still heard of the fracas about footballers and others not standing for the American flag or the National Anthem, it is obvious that teh Interwebz has an inordinate effect on the weak-minded, such as yours truly.

That being said, and the fact that like most of my fellow weak-minded souls, I’m armed with a weblog, and I’m not afraid to use it, I might as well do so likewise to deliver my uninformed and cantankerous opinion upon an already weary world. Read the rest of this entry »

An explanation, and an apology


I see that I have not been writing much in my weblog these days. With the exception of math (and more about that later), I have not been doing much of anything these days. I suppose I should explain.

Those four or five of the people who read this wretched weblog are probably aware that a bit more than a year ago, my second wife died, horribly, of cancer. Probably, fewer of them are aware that my first wife also died, horribly, and in my arms, of lung cancer, about 23 years ago. I haven’t talked about that much. I suppose that I should. Read the rest of this entry »