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"Act locally; bitch globally."

On Great and Holy Lent


Well, I suppose that I am suffering from blogospheric peer group pressure, as it seems that just about everyone Catholic is talking about fasting, and what they are ‘giving up’ for Lent. Today also seems to be the Feast of St. Patrick, so loads of people are talking about dispensations from the Friday fast so that they can have their corned beef and cabbage. Looks like we have opportunities for cognitive dissonance galore here. Read the rest of this entry »

More Maudlin Maunderings

Well, the house blessing has come and gone. The duck cassoulet was the hit of the party, The dessert cheesecake went quite well with the champagne and the port, and a good time was had by all. I wish that I could have invited more, including the six or seven readers here. ‘Had we but world enough, and time…’ Read the rest of this entry »

Some maudlin maunderings…

Well, the house blessing is coming Sunday. The house is getting cleaned, more slowly than I would like, because of the residuum of this damned cold/flu. Meanwhile, I’m putting together the items of the menu for the priest, the rest of our choir, and a few friends. There are a lot more that I’d like to invite, but space and time are limited, especially in my little hovel. Maybe another time and place. In the meantime, I must say that I’m sorry that I can’t provide for all of my other friends. Maybe in the Kingdom of Heaven. Maybe. Read the rest of this entry »

Valentine’s Day after Beth


Actually, maudlin thoughts aside, this is more along the lines of thinking about things that I did for and with my late wife Beth, that made Valentine’s Day special, and that any poor schlep (or shlepette) can do for his or her beloved.

Yeh, I could brag that I am, if not a great chef, at least a competent one, and can rustle up some Eggs Benedict or Dover Sole a la Bonne Femme or Boeuf Bourgignon or Quiche Lorraine, and all.

I could. But that would fall into the category of ‘True, but unhelpful.’ What y’all need are some quick fixes. Here are three: Read the rest of this entry »

Another open letter to an excellent essayist

It seems that Dr. Adam De Ville has written yet another good essay in his weblog. Those who wish to may read it, here. I found in it some areas of disagreement, and I attempted to communicate those to him, privately, on his weblog. Unfortunately, I was informed that only members of his weblog could make comments on it. Thus, I am reduced to making them in my poor weblog instead: Read the rest of this entry »

Remedial Education: Progress Report, of a sort…


Those four or five people who actually read this miserable weblog may, from time to time, wonder why I have not been writing all that much in it, lately.

Well, part of the reason was that I was working on a big project for a friend. You know, you promise to help a guy, and then you find out that it’s turned into a federal case.  The literal kind. Like, before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and all. Read the rest of this entry »

An (open) letter to a fine essayist

Dr. Adam De Ville, a gentleman and a scholar, has recently written another of his fine essays, entitled, Sovereign is He who Destroys the Exceptional. That essay can be found here. I will not sully Dr. De Ville’s good work by offering a précis of it.

Nonetheless, I found his work worthy, not only of citation, but of comment. This is what I had to say: Read the rest of this entry »

Food Porn: Fried Chicken


Well, it’s been two months since I’ve written in this silly weblog. Sorry about that. Something to do with having to face the loss of my mother, who is succumbing to Alzheimer’s and old age. I will, perhaps, talk about that later. There have also been some changes as regards my process of remedial education. Certain intensifications. I will also perhaps write more about that, later.

But as I am not quite ready to talk about either subject, I will instead talk about fried chicken. Read the rest of this entry »

Human Aging Considered as an Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Part I)


Well, last Tuesday morning the temperature in wonderful downtown San Pedro dipped to below 60° F. for the first time this year, right down to an absolute bone-chilling 55°. My reaction, like that of many spoiled SoCal residents, was to stay in bed until far later, and then to turn on the pilots of the two wall heaters in my living room and bedroom. Those who come from far chillier climes, who have to deal with far worse on a regular basis, are free to post negs to their heart’s content.

Read the rest of this entry »

‘The sky is falling! The sky is falling!’


Perhaps you are familiar with the story. It is an old one, going back to the fables before Aesop, two and a half millenia ago: Chicken Little is walking around, when an acorn falls from a tree, and bungs him a good one on his pea-brained noggin. Little decides that the sky is falling, gets on social media, er, shouts to all his friends, starts a petition at whitehouse.gov, leads them to talk with the King, meets with George Soros/Breitbart/Pepe the Frog/Fill In Villain of Your Choice Here, er, a friendly Fox, who suggests that all the barnyard crew stay in his lair for the evening, and then they can travel the rest of the way to visit the King.

Whereupon, the Fox eats the lot of them, Chicken Little included. Or else the Fox manages to get the lot of them to do some really stupid stuff, like vote for Trump or Hillary, and either riot afterwards, or get smug about their winner. I dunno: it’s kind of hard to tell these days.

But the moral of the story would appear to be this: try not to get played, kids. Would that any of the lot of you had learned that lesson, folks.

Because it seems to me that just about ALL of you have been played in one way or another, guyz. Myself included. Read the rest of this entry »