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Month: May, 2016

A (proposed) Open Letter regarding the Restoration of the Sarum Rite


Those of my seven or eight readers who actually go down below the most recent entry of my poor weblog will note that I have written somewhat about the Sarum Rite, and of its possible restoration in the Roman Catholic Church. Please allow me to tell you why I’ve not been writing much about it, until recently. Read the rest of this entry »

The Impressive Clergyman

I’m sure that most of my seven or eight readers will remember that most impressive scene within that classic motion picture, The Princess Bride, when Prince Humperdinck is about to enact his, er, ‘arranged’ marriage with Princess Buttercup. The court chapel is richly arrayed with tapestries and flowers. The Bride, groom, wedding party, and wedding guests are richly dressed. The altar is gorgeously arrayed. The Impressive Clergyman, who is even more gorgeously vested, turns from the altar to the people, while the organ plays the final cadence of its beautiful music. The Impressive Clergyman silently gestures for the congregation to rise.

And then the Impressive Clergyman opens his mouth. Read the rest of this entry »



It started very suddenly. First, the computers stopped working, those that drove the screen that I tapped at, and those that ran the household appliances. Then the electricity stopped.

Then the nearby refineries started blowing up. The fires of their burning went up forever, veiled in the pillars of dark black smoke that thrust through the sky. Read the rest of this entry »

Food porn: Coffee


I have seldom had a good cup of coffee. The first time that I had a great cup of coffee was when I was 24 years of age, and had traveled with some friends down to Medellin, Colombia. We went to a coffee shop, and the cup that I had there was much akin to a religious experience. Few things since that time compared.

Then, a few months ago, a dear friend of me invited me to dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. The food was marvelous, albeit a bit hot. And my friend suggested that we have a pot of coffee to finish things up. I agreed, and am very glad that I did so. The servers, who were Ethiopian, brought out a smoking cast iron pot with a long handle, which contained the coffee beans which they had freshly roasted. The resulting pot was marvelous, and a close second to what I had experienced back in Colombia so many years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Some times I take a great notion’: an update

Nearly two weeks ago, I wrote a rather dismal little essay here. I write this now to inform my six or seven readers that rumors of my demise, or my self-engineered demise, are a trifle exaggerated. Read the rest of this entry »