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Month: October, 2016

Why I believe Hillary is a Felon


Over the course of the last year, I have repeatedly stated that I believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a felon. I have risked losing the friendship of one of my oldest of friends in doing so. I have caused considerable comment from among other of my friends because of this. Nonetheless, I believe this to be true. Permit me, finally, to explain just why I believe this. Read the rest of this entry »

Becalmed in the First Circle of Hell


I sit here, like most other semi-retired moribund white guys, in my pajamas, with a sweater on, because it’s just a bit chill in Southern California right now. I look on the interior of my 1920’s Craftman’s style cottage, built in San Pedro, along with whole bunches of other such shacks, for vacationers who would summer or winter here. I’m sipping a cup of a good medium roast Kenya, done quite nicely in a french press, and with two teaspoons of white sugar and a jigger of a pleasant domestic brandy. I’m listening to KUSC, the classical station, and I am counting my blessings, such as they are. And they are many. Read the rest of this entry »

Should I stay, or should I go?

Gabriel Sanchez, whose estimable weblog Opus Publicum, I have long read and admired, has outdone himself this time, with his most recent posting, Heaven Forbid.  I heartily recommend that you read his words, as any attempt on my part to offer a precis of them would fail adequately to express either their prudence or their charity.

His words, however, have inspired a few of my own, which I made as a comment on his entry. I offer them to the six or seven readers of this weblog, for what they are worth. Probably, quite little: Read the rest of this entry »