by Bernard Brandt

No, that’s not sex after the Zombie Apocalypse… That’s my new hobby.

I suppose that I should explain myself, before I get dragged off to the local Home for the Bewildered. It was my habit to say that I was a little to the right of Attila the Hun, but recent events have shown that the whole political landscape has changed on me. Warmongering Republicans? I haven’t seen that since the days of Richard Milhouse Freakin’ Nixon. And neo-conservatives? They look and sound like constipated Stalinists to me. And the whole raft of candidates from the Konservative Klown Konspiracy, and how by Darwinian selection they have reduced themselves to the Kurrent Klown-in-Chief?

The whole mess had gotten to the point where I even changed my party affiliation from Pub to Dem, and voted for Bernie. Much good that did me. The First Felon rigged the Dem nomination fair and square. So it looks as though I can vote for the incompetent of my choice. Let’s see, I can vote for the Blowhard, who has absolutely no political experience, or for the First Felon, who has beaucoup experience, but whose policy decisions as S-o-S have led to the complete destabilization of the Mid-East, and have brought us to the brink of WWIII, with the players shaping up to be Turkey-NATO-U.S. on one side, and Syria-Russia-China on the other.

What’s a curmudgeon to do?It looks like the calculations necessary to select the lesser-of-two-evils here will involve integral, differential, and tensor calculus. And me without my Texas Instruments calculator.

What’s worse is that the third party candidates are polling behind both Cthulhu and Sweet Meteor of Death. Voting for any of them is just another silly game of political keep-away ball. Why not just vote for Vermin Supreme and be done with it?

And the cherry-red embolus on top of the present political shite sundae is that while we all want a bespoke political philosophy, all we are getting from the several political parties is prêt-à-porter. And it’s all pretty shoddy stuff, too. Communism in all its 47 flavors? One hundred mega-deaths and counting. Socialism, of either the European or U.S. varieties?  Only the fact that their bankrupt economies have been computerized prevents their monetary printing presses from working at late Weimar Republic levels. A return to a Constitutional Republic? Sorry, but the present Constitution is as much a dead letter as the Twelve Tablets were to later Roman law. A libertarian or anarcho-capitalist ‘paradise’? Don’t make me laugh. Most of those jokers’ plans remind me of the guy who said, ‘If we had eggs, we could have ham and eggs. If we had ham, too.’

Again, what’s a curmudgeon to do?

What’ I’M doing is going back to the drawing board, to cobble together a political, economic and legal philosophy of my own. To that end, I’m conducting a self-tuition in classical political theory, starting with Plato’s Republic, Statesman, and Laws, together with Aristotle’s Politics, Nicomachean Ethics, and Constitutions, and working my way to the present and beyond. I suppose I’ll even have to hold my nose, and work my way through Marx, Lenin and more recent iterations of Marxist theory. But, judging from the results, I do not hold out much hope that it will be more than an articulated scientific theory which works on the basis of a mistaken fundamental premise. Kinda like the geocentric theory of the solar system. It managed to work, if you threw in enough epicycles, but…

But in addition, I am going to make considerable use of several alternative views. One will be Noam Chomsky. While I am not much in favor of Leftist politics, and his in particular, I will note that he is smarter than the average bear, and has been at the forefront of diagnosis of the limitations of the current system, in such works as Manufacturing Consent. A second will be Nassim Nicholas Taleb, whose Black Swan, Fooled by Randomness, and other works have been important in showing some of the limitations of current statistical and economic thinking. A third fellow whose work I will be looking at will be this guy’s, though I have some serious doubts about the viability of his form of anarchism. What the three have in common is that they are all scary smart, and each with a fund of knowledge well worth garnering.

But chief among these guys whose work I will be studying is Mencius Moldbug. I have been reading his weblog, and I have found in him a mind with an incredible versatility, and an even more incredible fund of knowledge. His ability to engage in Gedankexperiment, or thought experiments, is most impressive. And his ability to tweak, dismantle, and rearrange paradigms is a wonder to behold. My current plan is to work through his weblog chronologically, using this as a guide, simply to get a feel for how and what he thinks. Once I’ve done that, I intend on working more thematically, reading the comments in his weblog entries (which are at least as interesting as the entries themselves), and working through the reading list of some of the most interesting political contrarian stuff I’ve seen in a long time. Another reader has provided that thematic and literary approach here.

This is not to say that I am thereby interested in becoming a card carrying member of the Alt-Right, that I have fallen into the depths of neo-reaction, or that I intend to play Engels or Melancthon to Moldbug’s Marx or Luther. Yes, I will speak loudly into the hidden microphone, for the benefit of whatever police or governmental agency which has hacked my FB page, that I am not interested in the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government by force.

I fear, however, that the present political establishment is in the process of the redundant degradation of the U.S. Government by farce. I’d like to find some alternative to the inevitable crash.

P.S., I would like to apologize to all of my eight or nine readers for the drama of the last year and a half or so in this weblog, which was incident to the loss of my second wife to cancer. Today would have been our seventeenth anniversary of our marriage. From now on, I’ll try to keep the drama down to a dull roar.