It is better to light one small stick of dynamite, than to curse the silence.

by Bernard Brandt


This is a wake up call, for me and for my five or six readers now. I’ve mourned the death of my late wife, Beth, for long enough. I have also mourned the death of all that I have loved in the Church of my youth for long enough.

It is time to wake up to what we must become, rather than who we now are.

Who we now are, are a bunch of folk on ‘teh interwebz’, either anonymously or in our own names, bitching about what we can’t change. I could name the details, politically, economically, personally, and religiously. Like that’s going to do anything.

What we were meant to be was beings of flesh and of spirit, made in the image and likeness of the One God, and placed in a paradise. We sure managed to F that gig up.

What we are called by our Lord Christ to do is to allow Him to restore that image and likeness in us. We are called to be co-laborers with Christ. We are called to share His priestly, princely, and prophetic role. We are called to accept the fact that, as Saint Athanasius has said truly: “God became man so that man might become God.”

And we are now called upon to accept and assume this mantle at a time when most folk have cast it off, and when, as a result, things are now spiraling down to a Hell upon Earth.

Tough cookies, kids. It’s time to grow up, and to become the men and women we were meant to be.

Nearly fifty years ago, a bunch of wannabes came up with a catalog of tools to help effect this change, saying ‘We are as gods and might as well get good at it.’

I propose a four step program to go on from where those guys failed. That program has been tried, and has worked when tried. I’m not making this up, you know.

The first step is prayer. That means asking God for help, and praising and thanking Him that help has already been given. It’s also called ‘worship’, but that’s a later process, to be done when we know what God wants of us, rather than what we want to give to God.

The second step is fasting. Both true religion and economic experience are agreed that human wants are infinite. Experience has also shown that when we attempt to gratify all those wants, it kills us, either slowly or quickly. Fasting is the process of distinguishing between wants and needs, and sticking with the latter.

The third step is almsgiving. Yeah, I know: these days that translates into throwing money at the problem. Like that ever worked. What it really means is to love your neighbor as your self, and to take real, practical steps to express that love by helping your neighbor.

The fourth step is study. That means attempting to love and to know God in the only way we can, through His energies, or through what God has done. Those energies are expressed in two things: God’s creation or Universe, and the Scriptures, in which God has spoken to us. The nice thing about study is that if we do it right, we know better how to pray, to fast, and to help our neighbor.

While I will probably not stop my bitching in the course of this weblog, I will also attempt, as best I can, to look at and to show to others the best ways that I know to study, to pray, to fast, and to help others. It is better to light one small stick of dynamite than to curse the silence. Or something like that.