Another open letter to an excellent essayist

by Bernard Brandt

It seems that Dr. Adam De Ville has written yet another good essay in his weblog. Those who wish to may read it, here. I found in it some areas of disagreement, and I attempted to communicate those to him, privately, on his weblog. Unfortunately, I was informed that only members of his weblog could make comments on it. Thus, I am reduced to making them in my poor weblog instead:

Dear Dr. DeVille,

I would beg to differ with you, if only about the Fatima phenomena themselves, rather than most of the commentators on Fatima, whom I would generally agree with you to be a tedious lot.

In examining the Fatima phenomena, however, one should keep in mind that they occurred in the context of numerous and repeated appearances of Our Blessed Lady, over several centuries, not only to Roman Catholics, but to Eastern Catholics and Orthodox alike. I believe that to disparage Fatima would simply be to disparage that common witness.

Indeed, in examining that witness, including the appearances at Knock, Lourdes, and LaSallette, and the Orthodox appearances, they were consistently a warning that a tribulation was approaching.

And, from a simple historical study, one should note that the sufferings of WWI were nothing in comparison with those which occurred after Russia developed Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist communism, from which China developed Maoist communism, and Southeast Asia developed its own communisms, particularly the genocidal version practiced by Pol Pot. When one also considers that the reactions to that communism included the National Socialist movement of Germany, and the Fascist movements of Italy and Spain, and that the confrontation between Russia and those reacting nations led directly to, not only horrific world wide suffering in general, but the abomination of ha-Shoah in particular, I think even in retrospect that our Blessed Lady was justified in spending more energy in warning against Russia than against WWI.

The most important thing to note about those apparitions, however, is that it is clear that the dangers warned against are by no means over. Rather, it is good to be reminded, as His Holiness, Pope Saint John Paul Magnus remarked while He was still Archbishop of Krakow, ‘It is possible that these might be the Last Days.’

Very truly yours,

Bernard Brandt