‘The sky is falling! The sky is falling!’

by Bernard Brandt


Perhaps you are familiar with the story. It is an old one, going back to the fables before Aesop, two and a half millenia ago: Chicken Little is walking around, when an acorn falls from a tree, and bungs him a good one on his pea-brained noggin. Little decides that the sky is falling, gets on social media, er, shouts to all his friends, starts a petition at whitehouse.gov, leads them to talk with the King, meets with George Soros/Breitbart/Pepe the Frog/Fill In Villain of Your Choice Here, er, a friendly Fox, who suggests that all the barnyard crew stay in his lair for the evening, and then they can travel the rest of the way to visit the King.

Whereupon, the Fox eats the lot of them, Chicken Little included. Or else the Fox manages to get the lot of them to do some really stupid stuff, like vote for Trump or Hillary, and either riot afterwards, or get smug about their winner. I dunno: it’s kind of hard to tell these days.

But the moral of the story would appear to be this: try not to get played, kids. Would that any of the lot of you had learned that lesson, folks.

Because it seems to me that just about ALL of you have been played in one way or another, guyz. Myself included.

A fair number of you appear to have been played by the so-called news industry, which is a set of seven corporations which run about 95 percent of all news, information and entertainment in this country. This is the entertainment division of a larger group of corporate lords, bureaucrats, congress-critters, and academics which actually run this country, and have pretty much run it into the ground. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, America is no longer a republic. It is no longer even a democracy. It is now an oligarchy, run by and for about 10,000 to 100,000 so-called people. I think that some of you call this the ‘One Percent’. It’s actually smaller than that.

But let’s return to just how you were played. First, you largely accepted the media’s picture of Hillary as a competent candidate for the Presidency. Yeh, I will grant you that everyone from the New York Times to the local papers in Podunk were telling the same story. Not to mention every major television and cable station, Faux News included. And they were repeating it over and over again. Hitler, alas, was right: if you repeat a lie often enough, and if it is a big enough one, people will actually believe it.

But really, guyz. Really. If you had spent fifteen minutes looking at Le Wik’s article on her alleged curriculum vitae, you would know her for the incompetent midwit she really is. Remember ‘Hillarycare’, back when she was First Lady under Bill? Not only a flop, but a belly flop. Remember the ‘Russian Reset’, complete with big red reset button, when she was Secretary of State? Even the damned button didn’t work. Remember the ‘Clinton Doctrine’, that we could abandon and betray Qaddafi, Mubarek, Assad, and the rest of that crew, and not have the MidEast become the open running sore it has since become? And remember Benghazi, where Hillary and Obama were so sure that their little gun-running embassy wouldn’t be attacked that they even disarmed the two drones which were the one protection left in the area? The drones that flew impotently overhead, viewing and recording the whole thing, while the embassy burned.

No, probably not. Those were ‘inconvenient truths’, and so were either ignored by the media, or most of the rest of you. Pity.

Okay, then, here are two questions for you: what COMPETENT individual would admit to mixing her business and private e-mails? And what sort of person would admit to putting the lot of those e-mails on an unprotected, unfirewalled, unencrypted private server?

Buehler? Buehler?

Of course, it almost goes without saying that as a direct result of that monumental incompetence, just about every foreign government with a competent intelligence service has ALL of those e-mails. We got the first indications that the emails existed from a Bulgarian high school dropout hacker who called himself ‘Guccifer’. And allow me to remind you that the current leader of Russia spent the first sixteen years of his professional life in the First Directorate of the KGB, and devoted himself to the acquisition of intelligence, and in the use of ‘disinformation’. Three guesses as to who was first in line to receive that information. The first two don’t count.

I doubt that Wikileaks is a Russian front organization, as Wikileaks long preexisted the current mess. But I think it quite likely that Putin, or Putin’s agents, took advantage of Wikileaks to spread the information, just as they took advantage of Hillary’s, or Hillary’s staff’s, incompetence in protecting that information to obtain it. As a result, those of us who were paying attention got a ringside seat to see just how Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC cooperated with the media to rig the Dem nomination in Hillary’s favor. And how Podesta and Hillary’s staff cooperated with the media to ‘suck all the oxygen’ out of the campaigns of every other Pub candidate except for Trump, Cruz and Rubio. And how Podesta put out the call to pay well for any ‘dirt’ that could be dug up on Trump. Like (quite likely) that little clip of Trump talking trash with Billy Bush.

I also rather doubt that Trump actively cooperated with Putin in using the above information to play the rest of the American public. More to the point, however, I severely doubt that anyone can prove it. So far, it looks as though Trump was far more successful in keeping his cards close to the chest than was Hillary. The point remains, however that most of the people in this country, myself included, got played by one or another of the following foxes: Hillary, the media and the rest of her staff, Putin, and Trump himself.

Now, at this point, y’all can do whatever the hell you want to. Sure, by all means, riot in the streets, where you have every chance of getting photographed and convicted of insurrection. Threaten to commit assassination, which, the last time I looked, is a felony that you will get you years in the nearest federal slammer. Be as defiant/oppositional, and as pigheadedly stupid, as the Republicans have been for the past eight years. Follow your own personal Chicken Little all the way to the nearest fox’s lair, where you can get played or slain and eaten by said fox to your heart’s content.

As for me, I’m a bit more interested in paying attention to the foxes themselves. Those include the media, who have played most of you. They also include the oligarchy of bureaucrats and billionaries and pols, who run the media and the rest of the country, and have nearly ruined both in the process. And finally, they include our current president-elect, who has played the rest of us to the point that we elected him.

And of the bunch of the foxes, you should be most worried about Trump. He has just shown the media and most of the rest of the oligarchs to be irrelevant to current political life. He is a classic Strong Man who promises to ‘drain the swamp’ of the oligarchs, but doesn’t mention that he might just be replacing their rule with his own. You have the choice of playing a non-zero-sum game of cooperating on things that might improve this country, and opposing him where he might seek to rule this country. Or you can play the same defiant-oppositional zero-sum game that has gained him the presidency in the first place, and has the potential for creating an American Caesar in him. Your choice.