A Public Service Announcement, Part Duh

by Bernard Brandt

I just came from a website, which shall remain nameless, where hundreds of well meaning idiots were talking about offing, that is, killing or maiming, the Donald, otherwise known as Trumpus Maximus, or Donald Trump, but known around my weblog as The Blowhard. In the event that I am asked to divulge that website, I will plead the Fifth Amendment on behalf of the morons in question.

Uh, guyz, don’t you know that under 18 USC 879, threatening a major U.S. Presidential candidate with violence or death is a federal felony, that can get you up to five years in the slammer?

I realize that, considering some of the stuff that has been emitted by the Trumpus (AKA Not-So-Biggus-Dickus), that what has been contemplated and uttered is a consummation both richly deserved, and apparently, very much desired by some.

But let us consider four facts:

  1. The Internet is forever.
  2. Anything you say or write there can and will be used against you.
  3. You’re threatening someone who has more than a passing chance of being the next Prez.
  4. Said someone has, on any number of occasions, expressed a willingness to persecute wrongdoers to the full extent of the law.

Now, if I considered you bozos to be my enemies, I’d follow Napoleon’s maxim: ‘Never interrupt your enemy when he is in the process of making a mistake.’

But I’m not your enemy. I’m just another silly citizen here, who is suggesting that you Really Don’t Want To Go There. So, play nicely, children.