Against Slut, er, Liturgy Shaming

In the course of my going up and down through the Internet, and to and fro in it, I have found on occasion some items that have occasioned comment on my part. My most recent finding has been from the webpage, Alethea, and this recent article in it by a William Bornhoft, entitled, Against Liturgy Shaming.  

This worthy gentleman has ventured the opinion that it is wrong for¬†those of us who are dismayed by the current liturgical and theological crisis in the Roman Catholic Church to express our opinion of it on the Internet. The thesis question of his piece may best be summed up in the article’s lede: “Is endangering your soul by promoting ridicule and viral hate campaigns really the best way to push liturgical reform?”

Now, this is a very reasonable question, and it would be well worth while to consider what a proper Catholic response might be to that question. It is a pity that most allegedly ‘Catholic’ responses, including the above one by Mr. Bornhoft, appear to be a trotting out of their own opinions, and then appending the term ‘Catholic’ to those opinions. Read the rest of this entry »