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"Act locally; bitch globally."

Petrus Romanus



Sometimes I think that it’s not so much that Calvin was playing God, as it is that God is now playing Calvin. Between the ecological degradation that is going on these days, a level of species obliteration which has not been seen since the Cambrian extinction; together with what appears to be automata in the process of becoming sentient, and those same robots becoming corporations, er, artificial persons, with far more rights under the law than us allegedly human critters, well, it’s beginning to lead even the most sanguine of hearts to the belief that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Whore of Babylon, and the Beast Itself are about to take the stage of the world, and enact a Shakespearean drama on our sorry backsides.

Yet one more straw loading this particular camel’s back, at least for me, was the election of Pope Francis the First to the Papacy. And no, I don’t think that I’m suffering from what many are coming to call ‘Francis Derangement Syndrome’. I actually like the guy. On the day that His most recent Holiness was elevated, I thought to myself, “It looks like Monsignor Quixote has entered the Vatican”. With perhaps one exception, I have thought that just about everything that he has said or done (as opposed to what the media and other gossipers have said about him) has been really nifty.

So, no, I don’t think that Pope Francis is the Antichrist. I fear, however, that His Holiness is in the process of becoming someone far more ominous than that. Read the rest of this entry »

A Letter to the Editor

I found a link in the World Wide Web to this page, suggesting that we make use of the Traditional Latin Mass, even though it is mostly a silent affair. Silence, after all, is golden. So they say. We should avoid flashy, noisy things. So they say.

I have a different perspective. Here it is. Read the rest of this entry »