Remedial Education, Year 1, Week 3

by Bernard Brandt

I have gotten a bit further ahead with my attempts at a self tuition, but have been hampered by the fact I was ill for much of the last week. In spite of my illness, I was able to make progress with both Mathematics and Music. I am working my way both through Hogben’s Mathematics for the Million and the times tables. I have also been working my way through both Maria Ghezzo’s book on Solfege, and Miller’s The Structure of Singing. As a result, I am better able to read and write music, and I am able to sing in full voice to the A below tenor high C.

My impediments as to study have been threefold: distractions, sloth and alcohol. While nursing my (rather nasty) cold, I was obsessed with Facebook, I was avoiding Homeric Greek, Old English and guitar, and I was drinking altogether too much for my own damned good. No more.

It is now the first day of Great Lent in my church. It is our custom to cut out not only meat and dairy, but fish, wine and oil as well. It is also our custom to avoid idle entertainments. I will therefore be posting little on Facebook, and will be trying to avoid it altogether. I have already cut out television. I intend on checking my e-mail at morning, noon, and evening only. I intend on curtailing computer use, except to the extent that it involves my study or my work.

Finally, I will be drinking only on Saturdays and Sundays (if then), and will be reducing consumption then to three drinks per day. I will also be using this time to pursue my studies, my prayers, and my work. And, instead of announcing plans, this particular set of postings will be limited to a brief recitation of what progress I make, if any, and an examination of impediments, as well as plans for their removal. Watch this space.