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Month: January, 2016


Bishop Thomas Tobin resized

By courtesy of Facebook, I have received a screed from a U.S. RC Bishop, who has objected to people dressing poorly at Sunday Mass. That screed may be found here. And Bishop Tobin’s original comment can be found here.

With all due respect to the good Bishop Tobin, while these people are reacting poorly by showing disrespect to the holy, they are only following the example of most deacons, priests and bishops of the Roman Catholic Church for the last fifty or so years. You have built churches which look like warehouses for bored souls, rather than cathedrals and churches built to look like icons of the Kingdom of Heaven. You have desecrated the Divine Liturgy with tawdry and popular music, rather than the sacred chant, polyphony and genuine music of the people (i.e. the hymnography of the last five centuries) mandated by Vatican II. You have truncated that Divine Liturgy by your ‘Novus Ordo’, and you have failed to serve even that truncation in accordance with liturgical law. In short, and for at least the last thirty years, you have failed to give those people the spiritual riches of the divine liturgy, in violation of those peoples’ rights under the new canon law. And you wonder why those people treat the divine liturgy with disrespect? They are but following your poor example!

On Study: Remedial Education

I have decided that life as an auto-didact, while necessary, is by no means sufficient. For most of my life, I read and studied as I saw fit, and so I garnered something of an education, even though my schooling suffered as a result.

As of the beginning of my Church’s New Year, September 1st, I have been reviewing my educational stock, and have found it wanting. As a result, I have been been pondering over my lacks, and have been devising a plan or curriculum of remedial education.

That plan involves three steps: Read the rest of this entry »

Some New Year’s Resolutions

It is, perhaps, odd that I should be considering January 1st as a New Year. My odd little church, which is in apostolic succession to and with the ancient Patriarchate of Antioch, that place where Christians were first called Christians, celebrates her New Year on September 1st. It might have something to do, though, with the fact that my late wife, Beth, died (and rather horribly, too) just two weeks before that New Year.

I’m afraid that I’ve been trying to pick up the pieces ever since. It has only been recently that things have gotten back together enough so that I can think of trying to do better. One thing that has hampered me has been that the pain was so great that I had to self medicate: beer, wine, that sort of thing. That led to its own problems. Another thing that has hampered me has been that my loss, and the loss of control which my self-medication has at times occasioned, has led to some rather serious issues of loss and rage. Read the rest of this entry »