Remedial Education, Year 1, Week 1

by Bernard Brandt

As threatened, er, promised, a review of the week’s work:


Lessons 1-3 of Pharr’s Homeric Greek; Beginning study of Sweet’s Anglo Saxon Reader and Wright’s Grammar of Old English; beginning of setting of 13th Century Icelandic hymn into English. Assessment: good beginning, but need improvement in study. Need also to buy Bodnar’s and Hogben’s The Loom of Language.


Chapters 1-3 of Ghezzo’s Solfege. Chapters 1-4 of Miller’s The Structure of Singing. So far, no guitar work. Assessment: good beginning as to musicianship; superlative improvement of understanding of vocal onset, relation of breathing to vocalization, development of head resonance, and resonance in production of vowels. Critical insight in realization that vocal training involves the tuning of timbre, rather than vocal ‘exercises’. Inadequate work with guitar. Improvement necessary on all fronts, particularly guitar.


Read prologue to Hogben’s Mathematics for the Million. Times tables to 30 for the numbers 1-7. Factored numbers from 1-100. Assessment: Good beginning. Have realized that Hogben is both wordy and insufferable. Need to translate his book into simple English. Further work necessary.

And the addition of a new category of study:


Review of Genesis 1-5. Assessment: Need to read five chapters of Scripture per day, and to fix in memory the events recorded in each chapter. Need to do so for the whole of Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament. Ultimate goal: memorization of the whole of Scripture in English (KJV).

Plan for Week 2:

Study Monday through Saturday. Mental review of matter learned only on Sunday. A chapter a day of Homeric Greek (chapters 4-9). One declension and several nouns per day from Wright’s Grammar. Start with Chapter 1 of Hogben’s MftM. Times tables x 30 for numbers 8-13. Factor numbers from 101 to 220. At least one chapter from Ghezzo’s Solfege. Further study of Miller’s Structure of Singing, with development of vocal training morning and evening of each day. At least 15 minutes per day working the scale of C on guitar, and memorization of first six frets of guitar fretboard. Read Genesis 6-35, five chapters per day.