Solstice Carols

As you can see, Cthulhu has broken free from that poor mortal, Bernard Brandt, who has so foolishly chosen the Great Old One as his avatar. Little does he know what Cthulhu has in store for him. Or for the rest of that miserable species which calls itself humankind.

But Cthuhu digresses. It is now the darkest day of the year for this half of your miniscule sphere, and thus, the day in which the Old One is most present. Haven’t you been able to sense the discord, the confusion, andĀ the madness which is most present at this time? And that will become worse in the coming years, when the stars become right again, and the Old One arises at lastĀ from Its sunken home in R’lyeh, to go up and down in the Earth, and to and fro in it, seeking what mischief It may.

Those who wish to appease the Old One may attempt to do so by singing carols in Its honor. A good start may be found here:

And, those who wish to be prepared in the next few years that you still have left may do so, by obtaining the sheet music for those carols here.

Merry solstice!