Something(s) wonderful

by Bernard Brandt

Michael Berg, my oldest friend, whom I have known longer than just about anyone else (save for family) sent me a link to this YouTube clip. While I must point out that these days I am more given to classical music than country, folk, or rock, I remain a child of the sixties, and had my (misspent) youth in the seventies. I can think of few things more perfect than the above clip.

Michael also sent me this other clip:

Intrigued by this beauty and this bounty, I did some searches, courtesy of Messrs Google and Yahoo, and found this Wikipedia article about the concert whence these clips came. I also found a list of the entire cast, of the songs, and even clips of many of those songs, which may be found here. I am even given to understand that a DVD of the concert is available via either Amazon or TimeLife. Anyone among my three or four readers who is willing to remember me at Christmas is therefore given a not very subtle hint.