Progress Report (Sarum)

by Bernard Brandt

While I have been silent lately on this weblog and this Facebook page (Sarum use), I have by no means been ‘eating my bread in idleness.

Those of my readers who have been interested in the subject of Sarum chant and the Sarum rite or use will know that I posted an article in my weblog, in which I posited the contention that that rite had not lapsed, but rather, was a legitimate rite worthy of restoration, in accordance with Roman Catholic liturgical law. Those who wish to do so may read that original article here.

Since then, I have been doing two things:

1. I have attempted to interest RC clerics and liturgical scholars in making a petition to Rome to attempt to change the current status quo, which appears to be that the Sarum rite is forbidden to individual clergy without prior permission by both Rome and the local ordinary. I suspect as well that phrasing this as both a RC and an ecumenical movement might be of more help;

2. I have been attempting, little by little, to begin praying and chanting the Sarum Office as a private devotion. I have started with the English Performing Version of the hour of Prime, and continuing with the hours of Terce, Sext, and Nones, even unto Vespers and Compline. My goal at present is to become familiar with the complete Use in English, and then to go on to the original Latin.

I would appreciate any help that the readers of this list might be able to give as to either endeavour.