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"Act locally; bitch globally."

The Blood is the Life, Part I

I have noted that a great number of people have in turn noted that not all is well with the Roman Catholic Church. Some of those, who are that Church’s enemy, are rejoicing over what they term to be proof of its schism, heresy, or apostasy. Others, like me, are sorrowing over its sickness, as one would over the illness of one’s mother, and would wish that there were some way that it might be cured of its woes. Yet others sorrow, but have come to the conclusion that there is no cure, that the disease is fatal, and that the only thing to do is to seek refuge in a Church which still lives.

Because I believe that the RC Church is still a part of, if not the whole of, Christ’s Church on earth, and because I believe that our Lord Christ has promised that the gates of Hell (i.e., sin, error, and death) will not prevail against that Church, I must therefore do what I can to assist that Church, both for Her and my own sake. And so, I offer the following meditation, in the hope that those who read it will consider what I have to say, to accept it to the extent that it is true, and to correct me to the extent that it is false. Read the rest of this entry »

An Apology

I would like to apologize to my faithful readers (all two or three of them) for my prolonged silence, both in this blog, and my old one at pauca_lux_ex_oriente. This is due to several things: I am taking care of my aged mother, who is making that long, slow decline into eternity. I am also taking care of my wife, Elizabeth, who is suffering from a grave disease. I would prefer not to speak further. I am also suffering from a depression which began with the death of my first wife, Carolyn,  who fell asleep in the Lord nearly twenty two years ago. I suppose that my mood can be read from the fact that I am listening to Jacqueline du Pre’s performance of Sir Edward Elgar’s Cello Concerto.

But, as Jerry Pournelle, and any number of others in the Christian tradition have remarked, Despair is a sin.This is the first day of Great Lent for those who dwell in the East but use the Western Calendar. And so I shall begin again to write.